The Mississippi Crockers

The story of the Mississippi Crockers begins, at least as far as I can tell so far, with Clark(e) Crocker, who appears to have been born in 1776 near Spartanburg, SC. There is actually a Crocker Family Cemetery in Spartanburg County that was overgrown and nearly bulldozed a few years back until someone realized it held graves; I believe (and I’m still working on this) this cemetery contains the remains of a number of Clarke’s siblings and possibly his father. The Crocker family name is well established in the Upstate region of South Carolina, and most are no doubt descended from Clarke’s brothers.

At some point Clarke and his family appear to have moved to Alabama by way of Georgia, where he stopped for a while. In Marengo County, AL he and his wife had several children, among whom was John Callaway Crocker. John eventually moved to Mississippi and settled near Philadelphia, MS. He served in the Civil War and is buried near Philadelphia.

One of John’s sons was Lorenzo (b. 1867), the father of Rev. William Robert Crocker, my grandfather.

-Michael Eugene Crocker

P.S. This site is a work in progress, so please check back often to see additional information.

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    This is Graham and glad to see you working on this.

  • melissa (crocker) barrett:

    This is neat, I was trying to look up the civil war for my oldest for school, would love to read about more. He can write about his families past if its ok.

  • Johnny Thomas:

    Do you have any information about a Charlie Crocker in Texas?

  • James Crocker Jr:

    Trying to find out if you can go to the Crocker Family Cemetery in Spartanburg SC in the Richland Creek. I am from Elgin SC. My father’s name is James Crocker- his father’s names is Robert Doc Crocker-his father’s name is Thomas Marshal Crocker-his father’s name is John Crocker-his father’s name is Solomon Crocker, which means Solomon is my 3 times great grand father. I am trying to go and see Solomon Crocker’s grave which is suppose to be at the Crocker Family Cemetery in Spartanburg SC. I just wanted to see and learn more history of my family and their plantation. Thank you for any information you can give.

    • MCrocker:

      James, I tried to find it but couldn’t because I don’t think it is maintained or very visible any longer. Someone very familiar with the area might be able to point you in the right direction.

    • Ken Crocker:

      James, my name is Kenneth L. Crocker. My father’s name was Jackie J. Crocker. His father was Simeon (Jack) Walter Crocker. His father was Simeon Marshall Crocker. His father was Solomon Marshall Crocker, from South Carolina, making him my 2 times great grandfather. He was born in either 1815 or 1820. Solomon also had a son named John born in Alabama in 1858. Could this be the same Solomon Crocker that is your 3 times great grandfather? I am just getting started in this genealogy journey. I’m looking to learn much more about my family. Thank you for any information you can provide.

  • Barbara Sue Crocker Lay (of Memphis, TN):

    I am about to retire and seeking to start my Crocker family history. I was told my family came out of Spartanburg, SC, so I am starting there to connect links. My great grandfather was born and raised in Gibson County, Tennessee and so was my great grandmother. They were Oscar Berry Crocker and Fannie Wallis Crocker. I believe that Fannie Wallis’ parents were also in Gibson County, but I do not know where they were born. They were Thomas Benton Wallis and Susan Foster Wallis.

    • JC:

      I was doing some research and ran upon this website and saw the name, what a surprise. I hope your research is going well. I see your Mom and she tells me how everyone is doing. How are you liking retirement, I think I was born for it.
      Good Luck in your search. JC

  • Terry S Crocker:

    I from the Crocker’s of Spartanburg SC. The Crocker’s cemetary is visvly from the road with 30 plus graveside’s marked. Its a work in progess too….

  • Donald L crocker:

    I’m looking for relatives I am Donald Lee Crocker from Madison Co. Mississippi, my Greatgrandfather was William Riley Crocker, and my Grandfather was Rev. Silas Monroe Crocker from Neshoba Co. Mississippi

    • MCrocker:

      Hi, Donald, I don’t have any information on William Riley Crocker or Silas Monroe Crocker, but if you have information I’d love to add it to the site.

      • Donald Lee Crocker:

        Thank you, it looks like Thomas Crocker in the mid 1800’s might have died leaving several children, and the wife must have remarried because according to county records they were in another house hold. He was the father of William R, Crocker. William had sons and Daughter, Rev.Slias Monroe Crocker, Vester Crocker, Neil Crocker. My grandfather was Silas Crocker, R. Crocker, Helen Crocker, Billy Jean Crocker, and Al Crocker That was his nick name I’ll have to ask what his whole was.

  • Conner Runyan:

    I am interested in “speaking” with anyone who has actually visited the old Crocker Cemetery.

    Although not a Crocker, I am deeply interested in researching the tradition of the murder of “Dau Crocker”. I currently contribute to the Journal of the American Revolution and am working on an article about Col. John and Jane Thomas.

    This has lead me to Solomon Crocker, his sister “Dau” and the events that take place in 1779-17780.

    Would you please email me if you are interested in “talking” about this.
    Conner Runyan

    • Charlie Crocker:

      The ‘Crocker’ grave site is on private property still owned by a member of the Crocker family. The owner is not, as I understand, open to visitations of the site. Family legend says Daughter Crocker was 14 when she was sent to the ‘spring’ to fetch water and was shot by a British soldier ‘to prevent his discovery’ Legend also says the grave site is where she fell. There are no visible tombstones unless you dig through several inches of debris. some are just stone markers. It is believed Daughter Crocker is there along with Arthur d 1794 and his wife Mary Ann Bryant. Solomon d 1843 and his wife Susannah Catherine Thomas Crocker and others.

      Solomon along with his brothers, William, Anthony and James joined the South Carolina militia or rangers, they were known as the “South Carolina Riflemen or Sharpshooters” Solomon was a carpenter as was his father and his father’s father. He helped build Fort Seneca in Western South Carolina. he was one of the heroes in the Battle of Cows Pens S.C.

  • Conner Runyan:

    I am interested in “speaking” with anyone who has actually visited the old Crocker Cemetery.

    Although not a Crocker, I am deeply interested in researching the tradition of the murder of “Dau Crocker”. I currently contribute to the Journal of the American Revolution and am working on an article about Col. John and Jane Thomas.

    This has lead me to Solomon Crocker, his sister “Dau” and the events that take place in 1779-17780.

    Would you please email me if you are interested in “talking” about this.
    Conner Runyan

    • Dwight Crocker:

      The story I have , is she was sent to the creek to get water and startled a British soldier , that killed her to keep from being found . That is from a clipping out of The Spartanburg Weekly . The DAR may have better records as they dedicated a monument to him at Bethesda Church.

  • Sandy Alvis Scarboro:

    Searching for an Ozeliah Crocker
    From Cowpens or Spartenburg SC
    Gave up nine year old son Lee Crocker at age nine
    He was adopted by Edward and Maude Alvis in Gaffney, SC around 1928
    He changed his name to Lee Roy Alvis
    Not sure if that was her first name

  • GD:

    I’m very glad I found this page! I have ancestors from Mississippi from the Stovall and Crocker families. I have found a considerable amount of information about the Stovall family (Kemper and Neshoba counties) but am having difficulty finding information about the Crockers. My family tree frustratingly stops at James Crocker. Supposedly, James T. (Terrell or Tyrell) Crocker was born in 1819 in Monroe Co. Mississippi. He married Margaret Edwards. They had a son named Thomas Jefferson Crocker, born in 1860 in Kemper County.

    One of my Stovall ancestors served in the 11th Mississippi Infantry, Co. D. There was a private in the same company, Silas Crocker, who died in Richmond, VA, two months after enlisting in 1861. I can’t help but think Silas or his family are somehow connected to James, my ancestor. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

  • Dwight Crocker:

    Greetings Crocker Kin: I am Dwight Crocker from Amarillo Tx and as far as I can tell we all came from the same bunch of South Carolina Crockers ( Solomon and his ancesters) . Solomon is my GGGGrandfather ,he enlisted on March 29th 1776 under Capt Frank Prince and Col Hugher. He served at Prince’s Fort in Spartanburg District and was on the Snow Campaign. Was sent to Charleston SC to assist in repelling Clinton and was stationed at Fort Johnson. Also was in the battle at Fort Moultrie , later was sent to help construct Fort Seneca by Col Roebuck. He served with his brother , Anthony , and was in the battle at Cowpens. Arthur was their father. Solomon deeded a portion of his land to the Bethesda Church , which is still active and is where the burial of Solomon and several family members are. The Crocker Family cemetary is located 1/4 mi se of Richland Creek . The first buried there was Solomon’s 4 yr old sister . The story goes , she was sent to the creek to get water and startled a British soldier who killed her to keep from being found. Hope this help’s someone in search of Solomon’s service/life. There is also a Crocker Family cemetary in MS. near Paris MS. on CR 428 1 1/2 miles east of town. Its on the left side in thetrees ff road. Miles Crocker , one of many Civil war veterens , is buried here and has a mounument stating his service. The first known Crockers came from England to James City VA in 1621 . The Crocker’s have been proven to be among thr Founding Families before statehood of the Carolinas .

  • Cheryl Bridger:

    I’m looking for background on jefferson lafeyette crocker ! I know he had 11 children , 1girl the rest boys . The youngest my dad Billy gene Crocker ! Would appreciate anything

  • Linda Hicks Hollingsworth:

    Caledonia Crocker Eakes was my great grandmother and grand daughter of Clark Crocker. I guess that would make him my ggggrandfather. This weekend while cleaning out my Dads workshop(he passed away last month at almost 93) I discovered her trunk. She passed away in 1934 and it is filled with letters and personal items. We carefully packed it up and are taking back to TX. A treasure in time to be sure. We found one item that dates 1887.

    • MCrocker:

      Caledonia was my great-grandfather Lorenzo Crocker’s sister. Lorenzo had several children, one of whom was my grandfather William Robert Crocker. Lorenzo named one of his daughters Caledonia after his sister (your great grandmother), and my dad (who is now 82) spoke fondly of his Aunt “Donie.”

      • Linda Hicks Hollingsworth:

        Thank you for that information! I just started with the restoration of her trunk. I am determined to restore to its original beauty as close to what she would have enjoyed when she first purchased it. It will store her letters and few personal belongings we have of hers. I have a digitized picture of her with her husband and children if you would like to see it.
        A few days ago I started gong through her letters and cards so she has now become a very real woman and not just a name in the family tree. My Dad wrote a short story years ago about her called, I remember Grandma. She passed away when he was 10 but he had very distinct and loving memories of her. She was quite a strong woman. Her husband passed away from pneumonia at 38. He owned a sawmill, so left her a sum of money that allowed her to move her 5 children into a new home and raise them with some comfort for the time. She was according to my Dad and what I see in the letters, a source of loans for close family and kept impeccable records of the repayment and her purchases.
        The letters from her son, my great uncle John while in WWI and afterwards, reveal what an awesome mother she must have been.
        Best wishes,
        Linda Hicks Hollingsworth

  • Donna Sue Massey Crocker:

    My husband Graham Crocker has done extensive research on Clarke Crocker which was his gggggrrandfather. He passed away December 2016 and we took it to copy club and had copies made as is and stapled it together. He last updated it a couple weeks before he died. He started his research in 1988 and researched back to the late 1700’s. I have a few copies left and we are enclosing photos we have left that are mentioned in his research; as well as civil war records and copies of death certificates he has. There’s about 50 pages @ .25 per page and with postage 14.50. I have a few copies left and if anyone is interested can email me at or text me at 228-990-6591.

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